City College of Institution’s primary aim is to impart education with the skills and perspectives needed for understanding and participating responsibly and creatively in a complex world. It fosters such an education through close student-faculty collaboration, self-initiated and individualized programs of study, a strong multidisciplinary curriculum and critical inquiry at every stage of the student’s work. Since knowledge is not static, our College has a continuing commitment to the testing and evaluation of new ideas and innovative methods of teaching and learning. 

The college incessantly strives for the fulfilment of the following aims and objectives :

1. To abide by the constitution and provide value based education by inculcating the basic moral values in the minds of the students.
2. To motivate the students to face current challenges of present living by providing career guidance and career oriented programs and add-on courses leading to self-employability.
3. To facilitate equal access to socially and economically disadvantaged groups to higher education.
4. To focus on information and communication technology to promote quality in education, improving standard of living and opening new vistas of life.
5. To provide counseling and career guidance to make them self-employable.
6. To start, run, and administer Educational Institutions in the state of Uttarakhand.
7. To promote primary, secondary, graduate and post graduate education with special emphasis on vocational and job oriented courses and to cater to the needs of present and future generations.
8. To promote literacy in rural and slum areas, as precursor to economic and social upliftment of the deprived groups.
9. In general to undertake all other activities as are incidental and conducive to the attainment of all the above objectives.