Rules & Regulations

1. No student shall be allowed to bring with them any friend/relative, except his parents/guardian, in the campus.

2. It is compulsory for every student to keep with them identity card duly signed by principal. They shall produce it at the institute gate and in the premises to any teacher when asked.

3. The students are advised to sit in the reading room and use library and reading room facility during their vacant periods, in no case they should roam in activities other than reading.

4. Graffiti, damaging the future, furnishings building of the institute, will meet several penalties, any damages arising there from shall be charged from the student.

5. The use of any kind of intoxication, smoking or chewing of beetles, gums, pan masala is strictly prohibited and any breach of it will be punished.

6. There shall be minimum requirement of 75% attendance for the total number of classes held.

7. No student shall be allowed to appear in the University semester examination. If he/she falls short of the above required attendance.

8. Any student who indulges in any sort of indiscipline in the College, shall not be eligible for any prize, certificate, college Colour, award or scholarship from the institution.

NOTE :- On other matters, the rules and regulations prescribed by the UTU Dehradun will be binding on the students.