The college provides following facilities to the students :-


The school does not consider sports to be secondary but to be one of the primary functions of the institution. The institution possesses large cricket, football & basketball playgrounds and gymnasium for physical fitness of the students and a common room to provide space for indoor recreational activities.



Transport facility by school bus is provided to all desirous students on multiple routes covering almost all locations where the students reside.The bus transportation fee is charged for full month even if the student availed the facility for part of the month. Cabs and Vans are also available for emergency and other carrier purposes.



To keep pace with the modern world of Information Technology we have established well-equipped computer and science labs and each child is provided attention to develop computer and science skills. There are qualified instructors to help students learn most effectively.



A well-equipped library have manybooks belonging to different subjects is established to make sure that all children read through the available books in a conducive atmosphere so as to enrich their young minds. Students can borrow the books of their choice with in no time and can have them re-issued the same for a week period.



An institution dispensary is provided in the campus and is manned by the medical officers to provide free medical care to all the students and near by residents. The college arranges various vaccination campuses regularly and students receive regular physical checkups and routine tests.



Electric water filters are setup to provide filtered cold water free from all impurities to the students for drinking. They need not to come to school with water bottles with them. These water filters machines are run throughout the school hours. and all other facilities.